[Non-spoilery feels barf about Saving Sally] [Hashtag Saving Sally]

Saving Sally is a labor of love. Its 10 years in the pipeline and the resulting animation may mean that it’s a troubled, disappointing labor of love to some, but it’s a labor of love nonetheless. And for some who will watch it, who are not used to seeing their pop culture references, their people, their humor and identity presented in a way only seen in overseas productions, it will be enough- for now. Continue reading


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May 28,i 2016

It’s 4:19 a.m. on a Saturday and I’ve just had the cruelest dream I’ve ever had regarding my professional career as a writer.

Nevermind that it was preceded with a dream of playing in an arcade with my grandmother or going to a mall with family members and friends I haven’t seen in a long time. The dream after that was even more crushing.

But the thing is, it started at the arcade, with me complaining to an attendant that 7 p.m. was too early to close and me and gran need to get our Jurassic Park on. I pulled out my phone and checked the notices on my Facebook, as an annoyed Twentysomething is wont to do, and saw a notice that a famous writer from a TV show tagged me in a comment on a public post. Continue reading

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David Bowie.

Moonage Daydream is, unfortunately, the only widely-acclaimed David Bowie song that plays in my head without prompting. The other songs that play are in this playlist. They’re not that well-known or, quite frankly, good, but they’re permanently etched in my mental playlist.

Were it other artists, hearing these songs would be a chore, but they’re David Bowie’s. Bowie, whose career spanned half a century, brought gender fluidity to the public consciousness, and made scifi somewhat sexy; who influenced generations of artists and people who previously had no interest in creation,

They’re all David Bowie’s, the spaceman who I, like many others, stumbled into and was entranced by as a teenager. While I can’t claim that I have the same encyclopedic insight as these other then-teenagers have of him, I can say that his discography made up the chunk of my pubescent music library and was the soundtrack of many unfinished experiments into post-modern poetry.

Bowie is also my secret joy. Like, not in a creepy way, but more like in a ‘I don’t wanna talk about it much because this is an alone time thing’ kind of secret joy way which isn’t better, truthfully. Bowie’s… I don’t know, myth made flesh, glam turned human, a piece of history enshrined in bones and chromatic hair. He still is and always will be, the Starman.

I haven’t cried about a celebrity since Eddie Guerrero and Heath Ledger, it’s kind of embarrassing.

– Moonage Daydream
– Memory of a Free Festival
– Wild Eyed Boy from Freecloud
– After All
– Andy Warhol
– Fascination
– Fame
– Speed of Life
– Look Back in Anger
– I Took a Trip on a Gemini Spaceship
– Pablo Picasso
– Bring Me the Disco King
– Reality
– (You Will) Set the World On Fire
– Five Years

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Kingsman is still my favorite?

Posting this here because I love, love, love its interpretation about Kingsman.

Yes, to some, it may appear to be another pastiche, but it is, as another writer noted in a website I unfortunately can’t recall, having its cake and eating it too. It’s a subversion and a celebration, and while this video celebrates the former more than the latter, I truly think Kingsman can’t be discussed without acknowledging that it is both of those things.

IDK, to each to their own, but it’s nice seeing so many podcasts and critiques have differing opinions on a film. Kingsman especially has generated even amounts of awe and scorn, and hearing/reading about it deepened my appreciation for the movie.

Everyone says they have this one movie or piece of media that defined a genre for them. I’ve certainly had these picks in the past. But Kingsman’s appeal devoured me, especially after I recognized its flaws since that motivated me to educate myself why these flaws are flaws and why it works regardless of them.


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Why Heneral Luna is a pretty cool thing in my view



Coherent and conflicting reviews here:

Why ‘Heneral Luna’ should not be missed by Mylah Roque of Vera Files

The problem with Heneral Luna by Jan Albert Suing of Rappler (pls note the mood meter)

Official website (an interactive site with a short history lesson about the time period of the film)

(now, for the long-winded explanation:)

Objectively speaking, Heneral Luna still has a long way to go in terms of narrative coherency, in that it feels episodic with how it breaks up its scenes. It also retains some of the melodrama inherent in Filipino films.

HOWEVER, it’s definitely an achievement for modern Philippine cinema. Unlike other historical movies, it managed to make the source material interesting by abandoning the tendency of filmmakers to make their work pedantic (Jose Rizal, 1998). Continue reading

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Articles for GMA News Online (2013-2015) [Part Three]

Bylined articles for GMA News Online. This post contains links to news under OFW Affairs.

Click here for my author’s page. Continue reading

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Articles for GMA News Online (2013-2015) [Part Two]

Bylined articles for GMA News Online. This post contains links to news under Lifestyle and Sports; Science, Technology, and Economics; Movies, Music, and New Media; Strange News, Weather, and Collaborations.

Click here for my author’s page.

Continue reading

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